How to Combine Multiple Videos into One [A Beginner’s Guide]

How to Combine Multiple Videos into One [A Beginner’s Guide]

Novice video creation professionals are actively looking for ways to combine multiple videos into one for their creative requirements. The Windows platform came with a built-in video compiling solution earlier, but with the launch of Windows 10, creators on the platform are grappling with the increased technicalities while using this simple feature.

How to Combine Multiple Videos into One [A Beginner’s Guide]

Lately, beginner video editors have been looking for advanced solutions to fill this gap and get their job done without spending too much time and resources. However, this is easier said than done.

The internet is teeming with solutions that enable creators to perform operations on video but finding the right video editor can be a tedious job.

Luckily, innovative tools such as the online video editor have filled this gap and are now helping creators in carrying out not just video merging, but also performing complex edits on a diversified range of video projects.

Although the tool runs in the browser window which may lead some to think that it lacks functionality. However, it comes with all the features that you may expect from a professional-grade video editing solution.

Let’s have a brief look at the InVideo platform and how it can help you in merging independent video clips seamlessly.

What is InVideo?

This tool is a powerful online video editor that lets you produce all sorts of interesting video content. You may use pre-existing templates, blank templates, and Premium templates to make video clips on this tool.

Conveniently, It allows you to insert text into a video. You don't need to have the technical experience to make videos using this tool, and the algorithm-driven platform can help you churn out aesthetically appealing videos within minutes.

Even better, there are ready-made platform-specific dimensions to help you make excellent films for placement on Facebook News Feed, YouTube's Channel, Instagram's Feed, and so on.

Almost anyone, whether a beginner or expert in the video creation domain can create and edit videos using this tool. If you are tired of the currently available solutions for merging your videos, this tool can be the perfect choice for you.

The platform is very simple to use and its interface is immensely easy to navigate. Even if you are getting started with video editing, you won’t have any issues navigating the platform.

Once you log in to this platform, you can approach your video editing project in two ways: either you can start a project from scratch, or choose from a pre-existing template and build your video upon it.

The ease of video creation enabled by this tool has allowed video editors to explore new horizons of video creation. The tool meets a key marketing requirement we marketers are in desperate need of. Some of the popular features are:

  • Lots of royalty-free clips, pictures, and audio at your disposal

  • Prerecorded voice-overs for integration in videos.

  • Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA)

  • Customer service that works for you

And that’s not it! It is a video creation environment in itself. You will get access to features that you might not have previously seen before. If you are experiencing storage issues, this tool can help you in that aspect as well.

The cloud editor saves all your projects on the cloud leading to an enhanced data security, and the ability to access your projects from anywhere. Now that we are acquainted with the features and functionality of this tool, let’s have a look at the steps involved in merging two distinct videos using the platform.

Steps to Combine Videos Using InVideo

No features are lacking when it comes to video editing with this tool. However, you may also achieve many accomplishments in just ten minutes utilizing the platform, including the ability to merge various recordings and images into one video file.

This tool was built to support novice video editors, which means the learning curve is low, yet we have a wide range of creative and professional video-making tools. The first step is to merge your videos into one file using this tool.

  • Click on the sign-in link on the platform’s homepage to sign in to your account.

  • Now, click on the "Blank Template" tab on the site and choose a design from there.

  • Choose the Upload option in your Asset Library on the left side of your screen.

  • The next step is to upload your videos.

  • Once your videos are uploaded, edit them as per your likingWhen you have finished your creation, click Export to get your new video.

This tool is able to provide a great variety of media and special effects that you may use to increase the overall quality of your creation so that it looks even better than you may have expected.


Don't waste your time trying to use lackluster video editing options or by attempting to download and use legacy video editing solutions. This tool makes it simple to create professional-looking videos in short order.

On this simple platform, you can produce a beautiful, professional-looking film in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, it's quick and easy to sign up with this tool and get started.

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